Subjects & Assessment


Our Aim is To Educate

Our aim is to educate and prepare the younger generation of this Ummah through knowledge, wisdom, good morals and manners using successful methods existing in the Qur’an & Sunnah.
By educating our young Muslims, we will be moulding the future generations in the INDIA, who by the permission of Allaah, will become model Indian citizens and beacons of light in the wider society.

AISI Madrasah provides structured learning for boys and girls aged 4-16. In order to create an atmosphere of correct Islamic morals and etiquettes, our classes are taught in gender appropriate environments.
Recognising that Islam is a holistic way of life, through teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, we aspire to nurture our Muslim community in the INDIA to espouse sound Islamic principles . This is done by promoting Indian and cohesive Islamic values to harbour good community relations such as respect, tolerance, justice and the elimination of bigotry.


Qur'anic Memorisation

Whoever wishes for honour and glory in this life and in the Hereafter, then upon such a person is to make a resolute return to the Book of Allah ﷻ. Whoever desires to ascend the ranks of ‘Ilm (knowledge) and attain wisdom and intellect, then he or she must have recourse to the Qur’an as a primary starting-point. This Book was not revealed only to be recited and decorated, but it was revealed to be learnt, taught and acted upon.

It was revealed to establish societies, build constitutions, reform the minds of Mankind and take them out of the darkness of oppression and ignorance which has long engulfed them. This Qur’an is the strong rope of Allah ﷻ, which links the earth to the heavens and saves souls from eternal doom. Whoever takes it as a leader, it leads him to Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, to a seat of Truth near the King of kings. But whoever casts it behind him and neglects its right, then it only casts such a person into Hellfire, the mother of all destruction, despair, humiliation and evil.

Ibn ‘Amr reported that the Prophet ? said “It will be said to the companions of the Qur’an after he has entered Paradise ‘Recite! and Rise!’ For every verse he recites he will rise one level in Paradise until he recites the last verse with him” (Abu Dawood). Virtues of memorising the Qur’an are many and well known and learning at a young age is especially encouraged. Indeed memorisation is from the practice of the scholars who would begin by memorising the Book of Allah



All students will be assessed at the registration days and assigned class rooms according to the child’s ability, age and level of memorisation already attained. As a daily routine students will be tested on an individual basis and set memorisation tasks throughout the duration of the course. This ensures our students meet targets paving the way to become successful Huffaadh of Qur’an.

A record will be kept on memorisation tasks and parents will receive reports towards the end of each term based on their achievements.


In order to create an atmosphere of correct Islamic morals and etiquettes, our classes are taught in gender segregated environments.

 Course Starts – Monday 7th September 2016


All parents must ensure that their children wear simple and modest clothing which loosely covers the whole body. The dress code for boys is white Thoube and for girls is black Hijab and Jilbab.